Balai Sarbini - Jakarta's Premiere Arts Venue

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Balai Sarbini serves both as a historical landmark as well as a proud icon to the Jakarta’s arts community. Today, Balai Sarbini has established itself as a premiere venue for arts and cultural performances. It was in this place that Indonesian Idol was held and where major National and International Arts and Cultural exhibitions are being showcased.

The construction of Balai Sarbini was initiated by Lt. Gen. (Ret) H.M. Sarbini. The construction process was officially started back in January 6, 1965. Completed in 1973, the building was then named as Veteran Building of the Republic of Indonesia. After 30 years, the center was given a new lifeline as it underwent a major renovation work. After its completion in 2004, the center was named Balai Sarbini – in honor of its founder. Most of the facelift was done to the interior of the venue, while the exterior facet of the building was conserved for historical conservation.

Today, Balai Sarbini has played host to various National and International arts, music and cultural festivals. In fact, the highly successful Indonesian Idol is hosted in Balai Sarbini. Though many private events are often closed to public, do keep a lookout on the calendar schedule. If you are lucky, you’ll able to catch some performances showcasing some of the finest Indonesian artistic talents.

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