Jakarta - What has it to offer

Indonesia is the World’s largest archipelago nation with 17,000 islands sprawling over one third of the equator. Jakarta is the proud Capital of Indonesia and is the heartbeat of the Country. This is where businesses, leisure and entertainment converges. Today, close to 20 (out of 220) million Indonesians are calling Jakarta their adopted hometown or second home and thousands more each year are pouring into this city - all in search for a brighter future for their future generations.

A Peek at the History Textbook
Throughout the history, the name Jakarta has undergone four changes.
  1. Sunda Kelapa [397 - 1527]
  2. Jayakarta [1527-1619] - means Victory. It was named Jayakarta after the Portuguese ruler was defeated by Fatahillah
  3. Batavia [1619-1942] - a name given by the Dutch colonial ruler
  4. Jakarta [1942-present] - awarded by the Japanese ruler in a politically calculated move atempting to win the hearts of the local community

The colors of a city
The harsh condition in Jakarta makes the passing of each day seems like an adventure. The dynamism and uncertainties of the city has turned most people into realists - the exact opposite of an idealist. But quite ironically, it is this unpredictability factor that makes Jakarta living a truly unique living experience.

Throughout the history textbook, Jakarta has witnessed many important chapters unraveled - from the struggle for independence to the fall of a political empire. In 1945, Jakarta was where proclamation of the nation’s independence took place. In 1998, Jakarta witnessed the bloody riots that turned out to be the culmination of aspirations for political freedom after 32-long years of iron-fist rule. Since then, Indonesia has been undergoing political transformation. The journey is not a story that is all-well. Lives had been lost. Tears and bloods had been shed. Buildings have been burnt to ashes. Faiths have been shattered. After all, Indonesia - as the world's most populous Muslim nation - is trying to define a brand new identity of democracy, one that weds well with Islam.

But today, stability has prevailed. Businesses are now bustling with growth. The economic engine is roaring once more. Capitals are flowing again. Jakarta is once again ready to welcome visitors in its unique way.

As diverse as life can be
Jakarta - the Capital of a nation blessed with rich natural resources and natural wonders - is a lucrative and appealing destination for people from all parts of Indonesia. They come to this place with their sights set to the future - to improve their economic situation and create a better future for their children. With a total area of 750 km square, today Jakarta is home to some 20 millions people. This makes Jakarta a truly unique city with a mix of people from different ethnicity, skin colors, races, languages, economic standings and educational backgrounds. With such a diverse portfolio, it is little wonder that Jakarta has so much to offer.

Culinary Haven
There are plenty of specialty dishes to suit individual taste bud. Even Chinese cuisine itself has a wide-range of variations, each carrying the locale influence on where the cook comes from. The style and taste of cooking has often been blended with local traditional dishes. For example, a Medanese laksa differs greatly from Javanese laksa. For those who savour hot and spicy food, they are pampered with variety of Padang cuisine that is well-known for its spiciness. One can also decide the different type of food outlets, depending on individual budget and preference. However, very often price only guarantees level of dining comfort, service quality and cleanliness. Sometimes, food sold at the road-side stall may taste much more delicious than those offered in expensive restaurants. With so much to choose from, every dining experience promises to be an exciting adventure and tantalizing one.

For the shopaholic
Shopping experience in Jakarta can vary widely. Over the recent years, shopping malls – large and small – pop up at such an alarming rate, at nearly every corner of the city. At these malls, visitors can find both indoor and outdoor cafés, wide array of fast-food chains, restaurants and even fine-dining experiences. Shoppers have plenty to choose from, ranging from local department stores, local and International brands etc. But if you already have specific things in mind and do not mind the hassle and a little bit of inconvenience, you can go to wholesale centers such as Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, ITC Mangga Dua or Tanah Abang (Asia’s largest Textile Center), where you will sure be spoiled with choices. (You might end up finding it difficult to make up your mind)

The night scene in Jakarta is one of the most vibrant. Restaurants, cafés, bar lounges, cinemas and many other entertainment centers operate around the clock, ready to entertain visitors anytime.

If the idea of experiencing fast-paced metropolitan living and seeing different faces of life entices you, Jakarta promises a travel adventure unique in its very own rights.

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