Jakarta - The Cathedral

Indonesia’s one and only Cathedral Church opened its door in 1901. The building architecture is based on the ancient Rome architecture. More than one hundred years later, this architectural masterpiece is still standing firm and its magnificence undented. It has indeed become the pride of not only the Catholics in Indonesia, but to the people of Indonesia.

In 1988, a major renovation work was carried out to polish and preserve this precious historic and religiously iconic treasure. A new pipe organ with a total of 1000 pipes was shipped in all the way from Belgium. Today, the Church’s museum maintains a collection of the Church’s historical ornaments, in which some have been preserved for more than 100 years.

Standing right opposite to the Cathedral is the Istiqlal Mosque. The close proximity of icons belonging to followers of different faiths reflects the high respect and religious tolerance among Indonesia’s diverse ethnic, cultural and religious communities. For a glance of historical journey on the development of the Catholics community, a visit to the Cathedral is a must.

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