A Revitalising Hot Spring Spa Experience

After a long week of hard work and series of business meeting, you are probably looking forward to the weekend. You might just be looking for a way to reward your short-term work achievement. Or you might just be seeking a rejuvenation to prepare yourself for the next big task ahead. How about a revitalising spa experience at a natural hot spring?

Lying 40 kilometres north of Bandung is Ciater, which has long established itself as a premiere hot spring destination. Ciater sits on the foothill of Mt. Tangkuban Perahu, at 2100 meters above the sea level. The springing of a hot spring right in the middle of a cold mountainous area is an unusual phenomenon. While we get to enjoy this wonderful creation of Mother Nature, we are reminded of Her magnificence. A spa experience at Ciater hot spring puts yourself back in the warm embrace of Mother Nature.

Close your eyes. Pause your life for a moment. Immerse yourself in the hot spring pool. Let your fatigued body be rejuvenated. Breathe in the fresh and cooling breeze of the mountain air. Listen to every single breathe that you take. A spa experience at Ciater natural hot spring promises to recharge your weary soul. You will come out feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world once again.

So, if you are feeling over-worked and lethargic, reserve your next weekend now. Head your way down to Ciater for a revitalising experience.

Entrance Information
An entry to the public area cost each person IDR15,000 (<USD1.50). A four-wheels vehicle entry costs IDR13,000 (~USD1.00). This entry fee entitles access to the public area. During the weekends, it is usual for the locals and tourists to throng the area. For a more organic experience, you can head down to one of the natural waterfalls for a shower. However, the public area is usually too crowded for those who are seeking a more private and intimate experience. By paying IDR29,000 (<USD2.50), you can access the semi-private pool that is generally less crowded than the public area. By paying additional IDR7,000 (<USD1.00), you get to enjoy a 30-minute fully private hot spring bath (2 persons per bathroom).

Recommended Gear
Bodywear - casual t-shirt with bermuda. Footwear - rubber slippers is always better. During rainy periods, trekking path can get wet and slippery. Shower gear - if you have no intention to access the private bath pool, it is recommended that you bring your own set of shower gear (towel, shampoo and body soap). Access to the private bath pool includes towel and body soap. A face-towel would be handy to have.

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