Bali Temple Guides (Snippet)

Island of the Gods. That is what Bali is best known as. After all, Bali is one of the few islands in the world where holy shrines outnumbered residential houses. Majority of Balinese are Hindus followers. Religious devotion forms the fabric of Balinese lives. With so much to see and discover in Bali, you might just wonder if Temple Visit is worth its place in your itinerary list. If it is, how much time should you allocate for Temple Visit? Which are the Temples that worth a visit?

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A Gastronomical Adventure in Jakarta - Part 2 of 2

If horrendous traffic and hygiene violation do not make you turn back, then you are ready to delight your palate. In Jakarta, food outlets can be broadly categorized into four classes. First is the street hawkers and vendors that are commonly referred to as kaki lima (due to the fact that they have five legs - 2 from the push cart, 1 from the push cart stand and 2 more from the guy). Second is the home-style family-run food outlets that are usually situated at Ruko (Rumah Toko - literally translate to Home Office). Third is the fast-food or franchise chained establishments that are usually found in the shopping malls. Last is of course the fine-dining options reserved for the non-budget conscious.

A Gastronomical Adventure in Jakarta - Part 1 of 2

In a land of 250 millions people made up of more than twenty ethnic groups and hundreds of dialects spread over a quarter of the equatorial line, Jakarta has turned into a gigantic melting pot where different cultures and traditions blend together to create multi-dimensional dynamism that has become the unique color of Jakarta.

Navigating around Jakarta - better known for chaotic traffic rules and conditions - requires steel determination and is a special skill of its own. Frankly speaking, the mention of Jakarta would simply turn away many travel goers. But to those of us who have been brought up with the local taste or to those who have accidentally been acquainted to the local culinary delights, we know how it is when our cravings seem to just override any logical reasoning and give us that necessary determination boost to get through the tough traffic condition.

What to do in Bandung - Top 5 Trails

The people of Bandung are probably some of the most fortunate group of people on this earth. With its U-shaped bowl-like landscape located almost 1km above sea-level, Bandung is surrounded with large mountains with few of them classified as still active volcanoes. The temperature constantly hovers around 15-25 degree Celsius (68-77 degree Farenheit) throughout the year, the ideal temperature for most of us. Various natural factors such as the volcanic soil, high rainfall and temperate climates contributes to high level of soil fertility and perfect agricultural ground. Once labeled as Paris Van Java (The Paris of Java), Bandung is always ready to enchant every of her visitors. Here are the 5 trails you should not miss when you are in Bandung.

Ubud - The Cultural Epicenter of Bali

Ubud has probably been the best part of Bali. Ubud might not be as famous as Kuta, but it is surely a place that is loved by many. While Ubud might have been a long-time favorite among tourists, it recently received a publicity stimulus from the movie Eat Pray Love. From Italy where she reacquainted her passion for food and life, Liz (starring Julia Roberts) headed to India in search for spiritual answer before landing herself in Bali. Ubud is an inextricable part of Liz's journey in Bali where she eventually found the love of her live and regained her balance in life. In her book, Liz speaks affectionately about Ubud and how she met many friends such as Ketut Liyer (her spiritual guru), Wayan (her healer), Mario and Robin (from the Bumi Sehat Foundation).

Tune Hotel - Budget Hotel with 5-Start Sleeping Experience

Booking Details: 4 NIGHTS of stay. Check-in 25-DEC-2010. Check-out 29-DEC-2010.
Total Booking Cost: Rp. 1,576,960

Bluepoint Bay Villa - A Hotel with Oceanic Tranquility

During one of our Bali Discovery trip, we decided to do hotel-hopping. After exploring almost every corner of Kuta and one-day adventure at the Ubud Art Market, we finally arrived at Bluepoint Bay Villas.

The Majestic, Magical and Mesmerizing Uluwatu

If you talk to most tourists, Kuta might be the most famous name in Bali. But if you talk to a perfect wedding seeker, they would tell you a different name. Uluwatu is popularly known as one of the fairytale wedding venue.