Bluepoint Bay Villa - A Hotel with Oceanic Tranquility

During one of our Bali Discovery trip, we decided to do hotel-hopping. After exploring almost every corner of Kuta and one-day adventure at the Ubud Art Market, we finally arrived at Bluepoint Bay Villas.

The hotel is situated at the southern tip of Bali and takes about half-an-hour drive from Kuta. Unlike Kuta, Uluwatu has been a subject of much lesser commercialization. While this means that you can expect unspoiled beaches, naturally magnificent scenery, being less commercial also means that you cannot be choosy. Much more so considering the seclusion of the cliff-edge villas in Uluwatu. Having anticipated such inconvenience in advance, we packed ourselves some nice dinner before heading to the hotel. Nonetheless, we were still dismayed by the standards of the restaurants. While we went not expecting some fantastic fine dine cuisines to be there, we at least expect simple stuffs such as french fries, simple cakes or good selection of juices to be there. The restaurant has all the factors to be a favorite hangout place - from cooling sea breeze to oceanic view. However, the menu selection is disappointing and the juices were limited to watermelon, honeydew and pineapple.

The hotel offers few different types of rooms. There is the Deluxe Room which is located on a two-storey building. The room is spacious and every room comes with a balcony. From the balcony, you can catch a glimpse of the ocean but the view from here is not fantastic. This is ideal for the budget-conscious traveler seeking a restful night at Uluwatu. At the garden, there are two-storey villas with options ranging from inter-connected living rooms that are ideal for family or large groups to your own private jacuzzi or pool. Along the cliff edges are the honeymoon and presidential villas with unparalleled view of the ocean.

One of the most distinct feature of the hotel is the main swimming pool overlooking the ocean. If you are on a mission to make yourself tanner, you would love to sun bathe while enjoying the tranquility of the ocean. Some simply let time passes while reading their favorite novels. You should not miss jumping yourself into the pool, just immerse yourself, listen to the birds chirping and the waves pounding the shore. The pool is definitely one of the best thing that the hotel has to offer. However, the main pool is where most of the functions - wedding dinner, Christmas and New Year's Eve gala dinner- are hosted. To allow the setting up process, the main pool is usually closed during those days. On those days, guests are asked to use the Top Pool instead.

The spa is irresistible. The spa menu offers typical options such as foot reflexology, body massage and of course the traditional Balinese full-body scrub with all the soothing herbs and oils. The best part of the spa is the couple room where it offers unparalleled window to the Indian Ocean. If you are a local, maybe you want to try your luck bargaining. Psssttt... I'm not going to reveal how much discount we managed to enjoy. All I could say is it is definitely worth the try.

All in all, we had a mixed experience staying in Bluepoint. While the oceanic tranquility is sure to recharge your tired soul and mind, the lack of decent dining selection will surely take away some of those joys.

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