The Majestic, Magical and Mesmerizing Uluwatu

If you talk to most tourists, Kuta might be the most famous name in Bali. But if you talk to a perfect wedding seeker, they would tell you a different name. Uluwatu is popularly known as one of the fairytale wedding venue.

Uluwatu is a small stretch of area in Pecatu village that is located at the southern tip of Bali. The whole area is sitting mostly on top of large blocks of limestone, making the area dry, rugged and infertile. Uluwatu was once a sleepy town with only small population size. At one time, the land in Uluwatu was up for grab for free. Despite being given away for free, it did not stir much interest from the locals. While a piece of land may be free, it was seen as of little worth or a liability. The land was bare. The soil was not suitable for farming. Clean water was a luxury. And worst of all, it came with tax and other monthly obligations.

Only few were courageous (and probably visionary) enough to claim the land as theirs. Today, they are popularly referred to by Balinese as Orang Kaya Baru (the new Riches). While Uluwatu has been long known for its Pura Luhur Temple, the arrival of Japanese and intrepid surfers breathed new line of tourism into the area. In the 1990s, many Japanese came to Uluwatu and was enchanted by the unparalleled ocean view of the area. A young Japanese couple saw the great potential of creating that perfect wedding experience. In 1992, they decided to build Tirtha Bali. Today, Tirtha Bali is widely acclaimed for its architectural masterpiece and royal wedding experience. Since then, development in the area started to flourish. What was once an invaluable piece of land has now turned into a jewel. Today, saying "I Do" in Uluwatu comes with plenty of venue option. Other than Tirtha Bali, you may add to your list some of these as your alternatives: Alila, Ayana  and Blue Point.

Other than being a fairytale wedding venue, Uluwatu is a favorite among genuine surfers. The huge waves drive away the faint-hearted but attract the fearless. The availability of budget-friendly lodging adds to Uluwatu's allure as a surfing paradise. One night stay for a non-aircon room costs around IDR200,000-250,000 while an aircon room costs around IDR350,000-400,000.

Being at the southern tip of Bali and facing the Indian ocean, Uluwatu beaches are idyllic for sunset viewing. You can sit at one of the cliff-side warongs (cafes), grab a bottle of bir bintang (beer draft popular in Bali) or teh botol (bottled iced tea) and you are ready to watch the sun comes down and disappear from the horizon. It is a romantic experience that you often comes across in novels.

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