Bali - A Paradise on Earth?

Some people associates Bali with nothing but Temples. Some people associates Bali with nothing but dances and traditions. Some people associates Bali with nothing but beaches. Some people associates Bali with nothing but rice fields. Some people associates Bali with nothing but arts and handicrafts.

The truth is - Bali is all of the above and so much more. To many who have landed in Bali and come to love Bali, Bali is simply a Paradise. Some even go to the extent of saying that "God must be in good mood when He created Bali..."

Over the years, Bali as an Island Destination has been winning numerous awards and accolades. Today, Bali boasts some of the finest collection of luxury hotels in the world, from International Hotel chain such as St. Regis, Conrad, Inter-Continental, Four Seasons and (the list continues...) to Boutique Hotel of its own luxury kind such as Bulgari, Ubud Hanging Garden, Ayana Resorts and (the list continues...). Given such range of choices, it is no wonder that Bali has been regularly picked as some of the top Honeymoon destinations by travel magazines. Many couples who have found their soulmate and are looking something extraordinarily memorable, have decided to tie their knots and make their marriage vow in Bali. Have you ever imagine how it feels like to make that lifelong vow to your loved ones while overlooking the Indian Ocean and watch the blue horizon turns orangish as the sun sets? If you are still single and want to know how the feeling is like, you can probably start saving now for that dream marriage experience.

I am not sure if I can ever finish writing about Bali. Stay tune in my next edition as I will go more in details about each specific experience and each destination.

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